The ALIGNED Framework – Grow without selling

Learn how to cultivate your customers and prospective customers to become ardent supporters of your business, driving business growth without deploying any sales techniques, tools or tricks! Use your authenticity, alignment and adeptness with the complexities of your field to grow your businesses without selling!  Master an alternative to selling that will make you feel totally comfortable – an alternative that research shows is also more effective than selling. Banish and make irrelevant any discomfort you may have with adopting a different ‘sales persona’ and replace that anxiety with powerful, prodigious and persistent benefits for your business.

Can I_questionThere are many sales coaches who teach you how to sell, and work on motivating you to believe you can be a successful sales person if you follow their techniques, methods and motivational mantras. There is a way to be even more successful than the most highly motivated sales people. Social science research has shown that those who use the principles behind the ALIGNED framework are 50% more successful than those, depending on Positive Mental Attitude for their success, who tell themselves they can sell successfully.

AlignedPublished author on business transformation, Phil Walker, will guide you through the ALIGNED framework and will do a live demo of part of the framework with a volunteer participant. You will then have the opportunity to practice using the material, to experience being the recipient, and to observe the material being used by others like you. A group plenary will maximize the sharing of participant learning and observations. If you are not a natural sales person, feel discomfort when assuming the sales role and would like to remain true to who you really are as a professional trying to grow their business, the ALIGNED framework is perfect for you.

  • “Fab workshop with @PIW_WTT & @FSBThamesValley on Tues. I’m telling you the ALIGNED framework seriously works!!” (This participant closed a 4-figure deal the very next day after the workshop.)
  • “Actually using the content rather than just taking notes is priceless”
  • “Just want to thank you for your presentation a few months back on ALIGNED. It has helped me no end – it never ceases to work!”

You will master an alternative way of getting the new business you want from the customers you love to work with. There are NO sales tricks; NO closing techniques and NO manoeuvres or falsehoods. Instead the whole experience plays to your strengths, using the great knowledge and skills you already have to maximum effect, getting clients wanting to give you their business – eagerly saying to you “Yes!”

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