Don’t like selling?

A cure for your discomforts with selling

  • Are you a business owner, part-owner, or business leader responsible for the healthy and continued existence of your business?
  • Do you want to attract new customers and retain existing ones to protect, sustain and develop your business?
  • Do you think you have to sell; that it’s something you just have to endure?
  • Does the idea of you personally selling make your blood run cold, your stomach churn?
  • Do you really have to steel yourself every time you feel you just have to sell to succeed?
  • Have you previously attempted to learn how to sell, perhaps on a training course or with a ‘sales coach’ and did they teach you lots of tools, techniques and tricks that they use?
  • When you think of selling, does it make you think of the Arthur Daley used car salesman, or the boring person who corners you at networking meetings and tells you how amazing they are, and that you need to buy from them?

anxiety_of_sales_F                          anxiety_of_sales_M

  • Would you like any discomfort you have with selling to be made irrelevant?
  • Would you like to use your authenticity, alignment and adeptness with the complexities of your field to master growing your businesses without selling?
  • Would you like an alternative to selling that will make you feel totally comfortable – an alternative that research shows is also more effective than selling?
  • What would it be worth to you to master that alternative to selling, to be totally true to who you are and want to be, devoid of any falsehoods you have to affect in order to sell?
  • Would you reschedule a day of your time to banish your discomfort and replace that anxiety with powerful, prodigious and persistent benefits for your business?
  • Would you invest less than you would spend on a family meal to build a squadron of sincere supporters to help you grow your business?

.There is a solution – the ALIGNED framework and you can embed it in your business in ONE day.

So how do you know it really is a cure, and not just ‘snake oil’? First, let’s start with feedback from others like you.

  • “Fab workshop with @PIW_WTT & @FSBThamesValley on Tues. I’m telling you the ALIGNED framework seriously works!!” (This participant closed a 4-figure deal the very next day after the workshop.)
  • “Actually using the content rather than just taking notes is priceless”
  • “Just want to thank you for your presentation a few months back on ALIGNED. It has helped me no end – it never ceases to work!”

Then there is the wider body of evidence. Social science research* has shown that those who use the principles behind the ALIGNED framework are 50% more successful that those who tell themselves they can sell successfully.

Thirdly (and I can understand if you think ‘he would say that wouldn’t he’), I have embedded ALIGNED in my business, resulting in 5-figure success. So confident am I in the efficacy, potency and reliability of the ALIGNED framework that I want to help you master it at a MASTERCLASS in Reading from 9 a.m. on Thursday 19th November.

I will not only be explaining the ALIGNED framework in the MASTERCLASS but I’ll be doing live demonstrations with volunteer participants. I can only do this because it works.

My confidence extends to me supporting you in person as you first use the ALIGNED framework on the day. On 19th November you will practice using the material, will experience being the recipient, and will observe the material being used by others like you. A group plenary will maximize the sharing of participant learning and observations. ‘Participant’ is a key word; this is practical real-world application, not theoretical learning. Be prepared to work on your business on the 19th!

I know you will not necessarily master every element of the ALIGNED framework on the day. It took me weeks of practice before I achieved my 5-figure success (and first-time, I didn’t quite get 4-figure success). So I have included skype or telephone support for a month following 19th November. That’s right up to my business closing down for Christmas on December 21st. You’ll get my personal support as you ensconce you and your business into the ALIGNED framework.

I want to be very transparent and open about my motivations for trying to cure the discomfort people have with selling. My whole philosophy, my raison d’être, my purpose in life is to give people the choice of being the best they want to be, not just the best they can be. My commitment to my clients is to help them decide how good they want to be, to enable them to achieve that, and also to transfer new skills to them and their businesses to make them self-sufficient in being the best they want to be. ‘Dance with the Elephants’ was written to help many more people acquire the necessary mindset, tools and techniques to be the best they want to be, and that includes growing their businesses whilst remaining true to who they are and who they want to remain. For me, business growth is about authenticity, relationships and alignment, not tools, techniques and tricks.

If you are comfortable, confident, and capable with selling, I would ask you not to register. This isn’t because you wouldn’t get benefit from using an alternative approach. It is because I want to focus my personal attention, assistance and acumen on those who have, and would like to get rid of, a problem you likely don’t have. Instead, please contact me at and we can discuss whether or not I could help you in a different way to be the best you want to be.

If you do have discomforts with selling, I am committed to you mastering the ALIGNED framework, so I will not over-stretch by having too many participants. I would rather run more MASTERCLASSES with fewer people, as this is about you and your mastery. I want you to succeed. Register now.

Best wishes,

Phil Walker

07764 658071             @PIW_WTT

*Including Senay, Albarrín and Noguchi – Psychological Science 21, no. 4 (April 2010)