A TWIS Tale – Systematic Solicitors’ Story

Systematic Solicitors’ Story – A TWIS Tale

The Way Isn’t Selling

Once upon a time Systematic Solicitors, a 30 partner firm being challenged by the turmoil of the Legal Services market, knowing they had to protect their PEP, thought they had to use all sorts of sales tools, techniques and tricks to grow their business in turbulent times.

Every day they made lots of sales pitches to prospective clients, got rejected and felt utterly despondent.

Sad Solicitors2One day Systematic Solicitors participated in an experiential workshop where they learned, observed and practiced a new framework called ALIGNED; one that is far more effective than using Positive Mental Attitude to succeed in selling.

Because of that they started to have different conversations with clients and prospective clients, using no sales techniques at all.

Can I_questionBecause of that they got new clients and prospective clients eagerly, joyfully and enthusiastically saying ‘Yes!’ to them.

Until finally Systematic Solicitors had an army of loyal fans recommending their business to others, a transformed business with great results and even happier and more fulfilling lives!


Don't sell

If you are not a natural sales person, feel discomfort when assuming the sales role and would like to remain true to who you really are as a professional trying to grow their business, I commend my alternative to you. The ALIGNED framework is now available and can be delivered into your business through a variety of mechanisms and as the Congruent Business Development System™ – let’s discuss what would be the ideal solution for you and your business.

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