The REACT framework™ – blog post #3

REACT_CalmFor this third blog post in the short series on the REACT framework™ it’s ‘give us an ‘A’!’ The REACT framework™ will enable you to have the finest chance to be the best you want to be, and for you to be in this position on virtually every occasion





E Evaluate
A Appropriate
C Claim
T Take

A is for Appropriate resources. What are the resources that would enable you to access the appropriate state? That is the state that would give to the best chance of achieving your goal. Resources include obvious physical things like equipment, clothing and even chocolate, but also include the less tangible such as feelings. It may be that what you need in the appropriate state is to feel happy, or to be excited, or to have a great sense of achievement. They also include thoughts. In order to achieve what you want right now, what would it be helpful to think about? For example, you may want to create a new product or service – might it be useful to think about that last time you did so, or perhaps a time when you were particularly creative or inventive? Beliefs are also an example of intangible resources – was there a time that you really believed you could triumph over adversity, seemingly overwhelming odds, and outstanding competition? Initially select the three most important resources you have identified.

AppropriateIn imagining the resources that would be most appropriate, you will want your current state to be congruent with you. The ‘Dance with the Elephants’ chapter Your Congruence is Vital and the bonus material called A Model for Alignment outline the importance and power of congruence. Your state is the way that you are in any given moment. It is made up of a combination of any or all of your physiology, your emotions, your acuity, and your spiritual condition (the latter being the relationship between you and a sense of something larger than you). When you think about what would be the appropriate resources to enable you to change your state, make sure they are all congruent with you. That includes those chocoholics whose beliefs and values include purity of diet.

In the A stage, it is useful to focus on identifying what the appropriate resources would be, with no thought about where to obtain them from, and no regard for whether or not you have ever had such resources. Don’t limit yourself, let your imagination run free, let a child-like curiosity determine the resources you would like to have in order to be the best you want to be.

child_like wonderCreativity in identifying appropriate resources will give you fewer limitations, a greater number of options, and will create new possibilities for you if you let it. The chapter of ‘Dance with the Elephants’ titled Get Creative! Introduces and explains the CREATE process for increasing individual and collective creativity. There is also a planned Bonus Material on innovation and creativity that will be available from when it is released.

The next blog post will explain what to do next, and how, after you have identified your appropriate resources – that is claim them! If you want to really understand the REACT framework™, and want to perfect your use of it to be the best you want to be click on