Winning sponsors…

Highway Signpost "Business Transformation"How can you be a successful Sponsor of business transformation? A winning Sponsor PACES FAVOURS. Here are my top tips for what Sponsors must have.

Power – the organisational power to sanction or veto change, to support or oppose targets.

A public face – the willingness and capability to exhibit the public support that is necessary to deliver change through strong organisational backing.

Capacity to monitor – the determination and capability to establish and nurture monitoring systems and processes to track progress and setbacks.


Effects – the ability to make sure that what ensues from an action is appropriate. Promptly rewarding those actions that support the change and sanctioning those that do not.

Scope – the capability to comprehend the scale of the impact and consequences of the change.

Foresight – a thorough understanding of the effect the changes will have on all stakeholders, and a comprehension of their likely reactions.

foresightA private face – the ability, willingness and emotional intelligence needed to convey strong personal support privately to key individuals and groups.

Vision – a clear definition of the change that will occur, the ability to define, express and embody the Big, Well-Crafted Dream that Engages All.

visionObstinacy – the sheer determination to succeed and the ability to reject short-term actions that are inconsistent with the long-term goals. Without compromising the ability to recognise flexibility is needed, the stubbornness to maintain course when that is the appropriate choice.

Understanding – a comprehensive understanding of the organisational resources (time, people, materials, money and so on) needed for successful implementation combined with the willingness and capability to commit them.

Ruthless compassion – the ability to fully understand and empathise with the significant personal issues major change raises, combined with the determination and ability to do the right thing for the transformation in the face of these issues.

Ruthless compassionSacrifice – the commitment to pursue the transformation, in the sure knowledge that it is likely a price will have to be paid.


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