Attracting customers to your business – post 6 of 6

This is the final post in this series focusing on the ethical use of the ‘Weapons of Influence’ described by Professor Robert Cialdini. It brings us to the last weapon which is Scarcity.

Many businesses get this wrong. They market themselves as having infinite capability and capacity, they pursue as many leads as possible and their attitude is that they can never have too much work. The problem with this is how it is perceived by prospective clients. As a buyer, if I think that there is infinite supply, why do I need to make the decision to buy now? Unless I have to make a purchase, I can put it off because I know there will always be supply when I do actually need to buy. Any discretionary purchase can be delayed. There are so many suppliers of mobile phone contracts that I don’t need to make any decisions until the point at which my commitment to my current supplier needs my attention at the end of the contract.

scarcity creates demand

Cialdini tells the tale that people genuinely believe that the biscuits in a jar where just a few are available taste better than those from a full jar. Scarcity not only encourages people to decide to buy now, it convinces them that the item in scarce supply is more desirable, of better quality and brings with it a cachet of ownership that will reflect favourably on them.

Find ways in your business, not just your marketing, to emphasise the scarce nature of your goods and services. If you also manage to restrict your product or service offerings to a well-selected but limited range, this makes scarce the range of choices open to customers. I recall an example of a restaurant with two different menu offerings. Menu A had an enormous range of dishes to choose from, covering the cuisines of several countries over several pages. Menu B was a short, well-selected list of six dishes on one page. The vast majority of customers chose to order from Menu B, identifying it as less confusing and easier to choose from.

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Implementing all of the ‘Weapons of Influence’ in your business requires diligence, determination and a systematic approach. The Congruent Client Attraction System™ provides the framework you need to implement effective attraction marketing in your business in an ethical manner.