Attracting customers to your business – post 4 of 6

The next Cialdini Principle of Influence in this series of 6 blog posts is that of Liking.

LikeAs a rule, we agree to the request of someone we know and like. Most people will be familiar with the Tupperware® party. The use of the ‘Weapons of Influence’ at the Tupperware party is fairly easy to identify. Reciprocity is applied by playing games before the buying begins – games that result in everybody receiving a gift. Commitment and consistency comes from each attendee being urged to describe how great the Tupperware is that they already own. Once buying begins, social proof is used to underline that each purchase is very similar to purchases made by other attendees. The genius of the Tupperware party is in the application of the principle of liking. The request to buy the product is not made by a stranger; it comes from a dear friend of everyone in the room. She is the party hostess, who has called her friends into her home for the demonstration, providing hospitality and refreshments. Everyone knows the hostess will profit from each item sold at her party. She is their friend. She is their hostess. She is liked by them. Who could say no?

Tupperware partyApplying liking to your business development activities involves creating the sense within your customers and your prospective clients that you and your company are genuinely likeable. You will have your own unique ways of creating this sense of liking. Every interaction with a customer, a prospective client or anyone at all who experiences your business must enhance the sense of liking. For me and my service business it is key that everything is congruent. This congruence is a recurring theme throughout my book ‘Dance with the Elephants. In marketing terms, and in every other aspect of your business, all your activities should enhance the sense of liking.

Implementing all of the ‘Weapons of Influence’ in your business requires diligence, determination and a systematic approach. The Congruent Client Attraction System™ provides the framework you need to implement effective attraction marketing in your business in an ethical manner.