Attracting customers to your business – post 2/6

The second in a series of 6 posts outlining how to implement Professor Robert Cialdini’s six ‘Weapons of Influence’ in your business covers Commitment and Consistency.

Comm and Consis v1We humans like to see ourselves as predictable, that our actions are consistent with our principles, with who we are in ourselves and with others in society. In most circumstances, consistency and predictability are valued whereas inconsistency is generally thought to be an undesirable personality trait. Individuals whose beliefs, words and deeds don’t match are seen as unreliable, two-faced or devious. This second of Cialdini’s six Principles of Influence requires you to have some knowledge of who your prospective clients are because you need to have a degree of understanding about how they think and what they value. One of the benefits of focusing your business on well-defined niche markets is that it can improve your knowledge of the prospective clients in those niches. What you are looking to do is answer the question ‘what are the prospective customers in my niche market committed to?’

Applying this principle to attracting prospective clients to your business requires you to help them connect what you are asking them to do with what they are already committed to and believe in. For instance, if you know that your prospective client has previously bought organic foods, choosing to pay a premium to do so, you can deduce that they are committed in some way to organic foods. Your task then is to present your request in such a way that identifies for them that agreeing to your request is entirely consistent with their commitment to organic foods.

Comm and Consis v2If your product or service has some Unique Selling Points, identify the commitments that underpin those USPs. For example, if you sell fashion accessories that are animal friendly, items that are completely cruelty-free, you should emphasise to your prospective client that buying a product from you as a gift for an animal-loving friend of theirs is entirely consistent with that friend’s commitment to animal welfare. You can also point out that buying your product demonstrates that your prospective client is emphasising their commitment to their friend’s passion. As the graphic above illustrates, all you have left to do is to make it convenient to take the right action.

Implementing all of the ‘Weapons of Influence’ in your business requires diligence, determination and a systematic approach. The Congruent Client Attraction System™ provides the framework you need to implement effective attraction marketing in your business in an ethical manner.