Want employees for free?

There have been lots of studies showing links between increased levels of Employee Engagement and significant improvements in all of the following:-

  1. Income growth
  2. Productivity and performance
  3. Customer/client satisfaction
  4. Innovation
  5. Absence and well-being
  6. Staff retention
  7. Health and safety

In this series of blogs, I will take you through each area in turn. This time let’s look at real world examples of what is happening with Productivity and performance.


  • RSA found in their MORE TH>N call centres that engaged people have 35% lower average wrap times (time between calls) than disengaged people. Engaged staff are able to talk to an additional 800 customers per year on average. In other words, for every eight engaged people they employ they get the equivalent of an additional member of staff without any additional pay cost.
  • A Children’s Hospice that drove a programme to improve Employee Engagement achieved a 20-fold increase in their output with only a 3-fold increase in their staff.
  • A Gallup study (2012) looking at data from over 23,000 business units has demonstrated that those with the highest engagement scores (the top 25%) averaged 18% higher productivity (and 12% higher profitability) than those with the lowest engagement scores (the bottom 25%).
  • 85% of the world’s most admired companies believe that efforts to engage employees have reduced employee performance problems (Hay 2010).
  • Marks & Spencer found that Stores with improving Employee Engagement had on average delivered £62million more sales to the business every year than stores with declining Engagement.

It is clear that levels of Employee Engagement precede improvements in productivity and performance and more and more organisations are looking at how to reap these benefits in the face of the current economic climate. Organisations can put in place sensible programmes to improve Employee Engagement that are pretty low cost to implement and deliver great bottom line results. Everybody wins when well-designed programmes are thoughtfully and consistently implemented.

Employee disengagement is clearly contributing to our disappointing productivity figures at the level of UK plc. Analysis indicates that were the UK to move its Engagement levels to the middle of the top quartile, such as that for the Netherlands, this would be associated with a £25.8bn increase in GDP. (Kenexa).  When you think that a 1 pence tax rise generates about £5bn for the Treasury, £25.8bn is a big number.

That’s all well and good for UK plc. I am sure you would appreciate the results being considerably nearer to home. You can take actions to improve the productivity and performance of your organisation by increasing your levels of Employee Engagement.

You could get every ninth employee for free!