Can we fix UK plc? Yes, we can!

The UK has a productivity problem. The most recent Office of National Statistics (ONS) survey found that output per hour in the UK was 15% below the average for the rest of the G7 industrialised nations in 2011. On an output-per-worker basis, UK productivity was 20% lower than the rest of the G7 that year. This is the biggest gap seen for 16 years.

UK 2011 productivity chart

Survey after survey on Employee Engagement shows that only around one third of UK workers are engaged – a figure which leaves the UK ranked ninth for engagement levels amongst the world’s twelve largest economies as ranked by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Kenexa 2009).

Studies, conducted by academics, consultants and leaders of organisations in all three sectors, show the links between Employee Engagement and improvements in all the following:-

  1. Income growth
  2. Productivity and performance
  3. Customer/client satisfaction
  4. Innovation
  5. Absence and well-being
  6. Staff retention
  7. Health and safety

road to success

There is very strong evidence that productivity and Employee Engagement are linked; Over the next seven blogs on Employee Engagement, I’ll take you through the results that a variety of organisations in the UK have achieved. They will tell you how you can help to fix UK plc – by making real improvements in your organisation.

Phil Walker